Adopted December 2022 Chocolate Labrador Retriever / American Bulldog

We were looking on Association Of Rescued Paws one night and came across this ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS puppy. She was 3 hours away, but only. We decided that we wanted her and the next day we followed the adoption process and few hours later she was delivered to us. She is so chill and she’s gonna be an amazing addition to our family!! Thank you so much Forever Friends Humane Society!! ❤️

Brandy Peterson / Facebook


Adopted August 2022 Plott Hound / German Shepherd Dog

Annie was meant to be a part of our family; something about her sweet face spoke to us when we first saw her picture on A.O.R.P (Association Of Rescued Paws). Our instincts proved correct as we soon discovered what a good natured, kind, and patient little girl she is. She was a match made in heaven for our 2 year old daughter. We are so grateful to the rescue organization that placed Annie with us, and to Rescued Dogs For Adoption for putting us in touch. We love her so very much.

Cindy / Facebook


Adopted November 2021 Australian Shepherd / Border Collie

My husband and I had this cute guy from A.O.R.P and since then he’s been with us 9 weeks and it is a perfect match! We couldn’t be happier. ADOPT!

Victoria Alenn / Facebook


Adopted February 2021 Labrador Retriever / Border Collie

My boyfriend and I adopted sweet Darcie two days after my birthday. It was a momentous day as I had waited over 8 years to adopt a dog after my previous dogs, Hershey and Chelsea had passed. Darcie is my first rescue and I’m so thankful to have found her. She’s affectionate, playful, energetic, and loyal. Our days are filled with walks, hikes, dog parks, belly rubs, tug of war, swimming, and fetch. She’s the perfect dog for us in Colorado and we love her dearly. I’m so thankful to (A.O.R.P) Association Of Rescued Paws.

Melinda / Google


Adopted December 2020 German Shepherd Dog / Belgian Shepherd / Malinois

As soon as I held our little pup I knew she was the one. She let me cradle her like a baby and when she rested her head in the crook of my arm, she had me. My son smiled and said “yeah, ok” in acknowledgement that she indeed was the pup we had been looking for. The shelter worker told us she can tell when a family meets their perfect dog and we had certainly found ours. I couldn’t agree more. She is so calm, smart and sweet. She was definitely meant to be part of our family. I surprised my fiancé with her and he is so happy. My 2 year old loves dogs so he is very happy too. Altogether, my little family has expanded by 1 incredible pup and we could not be more grateful. Thanks to A.O.R.P. ADOPT!!!

Olivia / Facebook


Adopted November 2021 American Bulldog / Great Dane

So I lost my dog to old age and swore I would never get another because it was so painful losing him. One day I decided I wanted to find a Great Dane so I began my search but every time I found one he would be gone before I could get my application in. Angels Among Us introduced me and my husband to Miles and although I was a bit hesitant because he wasn’t full Great Dane, my husband instantly bonded with him and he doesn’t bond with most dogs. So we adopted Miles and I have to say that our whole family loves him. He is so loving and gentle to all even newborns. He knows when I am in pain and will lay on my legs to comfort me. My husband was having a heart attack (we didn’t know) but Miles knew. He got on top of my husband’s chest and laid all 90 pounds on top of him, something he never did before. He is frightened to death of storms, fire crackers, thunder, and leaf blowers drive him crazy! We absolutely love Miles! I RECOMMEND A.O.R.P.

Ellen / Facebook


Adopted September 2021 Chihuahua

Peppa is an AMAZING fit for our family! She is the 2nd rescue we have adopted from A.O.R.P (Association Of Rescued Paws). She loves her new brother, Pablo and her new sister, Molly. Peppa loves to snuggle and she snorts like a little piggy, hence her new name! She has her forever home with us and we couldn’t be happier 🙂

Angela / Google


Adopted December 2019 Pit Bull Terrier / Black Labrador Retriever

I looked for along time for a Pit. They are such a misunderstood breed. I came across my handsome boy at the Association Of Rescued Paws. It was a few hours away but so worth the drive. The women that work at this establishment care so much for the animals there. He is such a blessing to our family. I encourage everyone to check them out that’s adopting. You won’t go wrong with their animals or their adoption process. He’s so loved! A pit is a family dog regardless of what others may think.


Thank you Association Of Rescued Paws for completing my home.

Verin / Facebook


Adopted October 2020 Poodle / Terrier

My cockapoo had passed suddenly and I decided after Thanksgiving I would find another poodle mix of some sort. On the Sunday after the holiday, there was a cute little face on Association Of Rescued Paws. By Thursday night he was delivered at my home. He’d been found with a broken leg at about 3 months old. He was with a foster with a cast on his back right leg for 2.5 months and there’s no sign of it now. He’s almost 4 and happy and peppy. He and I are besties and inseparable and he loves to snuggle with me. He’s made me so happy and I forgot what it feels like without a dog!

Arlene / Facebook


Adopted August 2015 Pekingese

When we lost our 16 year old Pomeranian Bailey in 2012, our 9 year old Japanese Chin Coco was devastated. She would not get out of her bed for 4 months. She sulked about the house looking for her partner in despair. I was very concerned about her emotional and physical well being. We knew that she needed a buddy. We started “interviewing” candidates as we knew it was Coco’s choice as to who she was ultimately going to let into her life. The lady always chooses after all. We met several friends and alas they did not meet Coco’s approval. On the day we met Murphy that sunny Chicago fall day in September they were immediately best buds! It didn’t take long for the rest of the family to fall in love with Murphy too! Murphy has been with us almost 9 years now and I cannot imagine life with out him. He has been such a wonderful part of our family. He was there with us for the unimaginable loss of Coco and all of the life’s ups and downs. I treasure every day with him all thanks to Association Of Rescued Paws.

Sandy / Google


Adopted November 2020 Jack Russell Terrier

I was looking on Association Of Rescued Paws and other small Rescue site every day to find the perfect dog. One day I seen Frankie (before Anna) and reached out to the rescue to see if she was available. She was. I was told her back story and was heartbroken. I was approved to adopt her and it was love instantly. She goes to work with me and I’m working on her social skills. She’s understanding no one is going to hurt her anymore. She now loves car rides and takes treats when I tell her it’s ok. It gets better and better every day. Thank you Association Of Rescued Paws 

Susan / Google


Adopted January 2021 Chihuahua / Whippet

We found Bella while searching on the Association Of Rescued Paws web site. She took to me almost immediately. This was a good thing seeing how I was looking for a dog that would be supportive of my needs. Since I am in a wheelchair she always comes when I go some place in it (even if asleep). She is definitely part of my family. Check out A.O.R.P they have good dogs and services as well. 

Davide / Google


Adopted December 2020 American Eskimo Dog

On 01/02 2021 while searching for our next furbaby after the loss of our 13-year-old female Eskie, Evie, we spotted the listings for these two, listed as a pair to be adopted together, and knew that we wanted them right away.

After filling out the application and being accepted as adopting parents, my wife and I couldn’t make the 400-mile drive from our home to Association Of Rescued Paws to meet these two beautiful American Eskimo Dogs. So we let them deliver though we were a little scared but they came through for us. 

With a tail-wagging jump into our arms, Ski and Sugar confirmed we were there for them. All the staff members were especially friendly and helpful in making our dream of adopting our new babies a success.

The next morning as I stepped into the living room I was greeted by the picture listed.


Needless to say. Ski and Sugar accepted us as their humans and now have all the love they can be given, and give to us.

J / Facebook


Adopted June 2018 Chihuahua

yonka is pretty epic honestly, shes starred in a musical and learned to bark at the word oatmeal. she’s so cute

Possum / Facebook


Adopted November 2014 Chiweenie

was just looking. This little guy ran to fence and started jumping like he was saying “me, me, please pick me”. It was love at first sight. He has brought life back to me. I live alone, so he is definitely my child. Yes, he is spoiled. Loves to go for car rides, walks. He owns the house. Lol. Has his own side of the bed, blanket on the couch and knows what cabinet his treats are in. He is eight years old, so he is a couch potato. He loves snuggles and laying in my lap

Angela / Google


Adopted May 2020 Beagle / Chihuahua

Zaza (formally Micha) was just what we needed in our family. We searched and searched for a puppy in need of rescue but none were to be found. Then we saw 1 1/2 year old Zaza on Association Of Rescued Paws site. He’s the sweetest, cutest, funniest dog. We can’t imagine our family without him!! He’s a perfect size and has an amazing temperament. Now we’re looking a for a playmate for him!! Hoping to find one on A.O.R.P. soon.

Paige / Facebook


Adopted July 2020 Mixed Breed

Bambi is a nine year old girl that wasn’t treated right in her previous home. When I saw her picture on Association Of Rescued Paws she looked so sad, and I knew I needed to give her the best rest of her life. When I called the shelter about Bambi, they warned me that “the picture online is the best view of her” and that she was missing patches of hair all over her body, most specifically her neck, due to allergies that caused her skin to be infected. That didn’t change my mind. I drove the 2 hours to meet Bambi and I was immediately in love, I knew she needed me, and I needed her. We’ve been inseparable ever since! Her hair started growing back with some antibiotic treatment (even though we were told it wouldn’t), and now she’s the biggest fluff ball ever! She absolutely loves to run around at the dog park and meet new friends. She’s a traveler too! Going on road trips are her favorite, and this Christmas she even got to hang with Mom in first class on a flight to Massachusetts! She’s living her best life for sure. Bambi is one lucky pup, and I’m one lucky dog owner! Thanks Rescued Dogs For Adoption!

Nicole / Google


Adopted September 2019 Miniature Poodle

My sis introduced me to Lilliput & her foster mother and it was love at first sight. She’s sure she is the alpha dog here. Bosses everyone around. She loves car rides, has to keep an eye on me to make sure I’m not getting into mischief. We go to stores that allow doggies and she is admired by nearly everyone that sees her. Once this pandemic is over, we’ll be doing some visits. She was matted when first came home with me, but cleaned up and is a real beauty. Since then we’ve added another dog to the family. Moxie, our big dog that weighs in at #20. But everyone knows #5 Lilliput is the top dog here.

Sharon / GOOGLE


We were going through Rescue websites and we found Ty’s information on Association Of Rescued Paws. We were ten hours away and they came through with the delivery. Since we got him he’s been a loveable entertaining addition to our family. We lost our 13 yo Boston in June, and our dachshund was heartbroken, howling and barking all day. She stopped once Ty came home. He loves his brother, Ty. (most of the time.) We would not have found him if it wasn’t for Association Of Rescued Paws!




We wanted a dog that would do well with our older dog, Mimi, who is also a rescue and 16 years old. We liked that Moose was a bit older, but he’s still young enough to learn from her. She put him in his place quickly, and he had made her years younger through play. She and Moose get along so well, and he even plays with our (sometimes grumpy) cat that we rescued from the landfill. They play, wrestle, and snuggle all the time. Moose is our security alarm, running buddy, chicken guard, and trouble-maker. He runs every inch of our 17 acre chicken farm, and my husband is madly in love with him. He is our perfect farm dog, and he has completely stolen all of our hearts.




Adopted November 2020 Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler

When I saw Jana’s face I knew I wanted her to be part of our family. She has brought me so much joy! And I’m lucky I have her. Thank you A.O.R.P Team:)




Adopted December 2020 Schnauzer

Today, I found my next Fur-mate Bestie! His name is Hank, & he is a very sweet boy. We’ve both had a rough couple months. I lost my dog, Charly boy, of 12 years, on 12/13/20. It was an unexpected & painful day for me. I couldn’t imagine spending the holidays without him, especially this pandemic holiday. Luckily, I have a talented niece, who’s very skilled at finding dogs and navigating the adoption/application process, in today’s state of the universe. I got through the holidays, by beginning the search for my next fur-mate.

Hank had been adopted twice, & returned twice. I could tell the Halo Staff really cared about him & hoped he’d find his forever home, soon. I think, due to his return history, others may have thought of him as damaged goods. Not Me… Within 4 minutes of meeting him, he nicely sat on my foot, leaned against my leg & looked up at me. Once I got past marveling how cute his above average, puffy, black nose was, I saw his puppy-dog eyes, through his eyebrow overhang & I melted. His look almost said, “please don’t judge me for my past mistakes” & I did not. Our difficult couple months led us to each other! As they say, “3rd time is the charm!” I recommend YOU GET FROM Association of rescued paws. Thanks




Adopted December 2020Cockapoo

We got Toby (10 years old, 30+lbs, Cockapoo), to join our small sassy Sparkle (Yorkie mix, 10 years old, 9 lbs), He is good, very quiet. Sparkle was missing her 2 brother that went to doggie heaven last November, they were both seniors with several really bad health issues. Why we got a senior dog with a Heart condition? because he deserves to have a home till the end as we all do. My husband and I, both of us have to take some meds for the rest of our lives, we r perfectly ok, We don’t see nothing wrong w Toby taking heart meds, well the monthly cost that should not be much. We r happy, he is adapting, he will be different in a month, w the daily walks, we should be a bit slimmer, Thank you Association Of Rescued Paws, 15 year ago we got a Cockapoo, a month later w got a Poodle mix from the same rescue group, now we have Toby.


Zita and Art/Facebook


Adopted December 2020 Chihuahua

We adopted Ringo today ! As soon as I saw him walk in the waiting room with Cathy ,I knew we would all hit it off.

With Cathy’s help Ringo sat with us and took treats out of our hands .

We sat with him for an hour and he laid on my lap and dozed off .

He’s a nervous dog,was a stray and it’s easy to see he’s been thru traumas in his life .BUT,we can also see he’s full of love and fun .

He’s clever and has already done brilliantly with boundaries set for him !

Our Jack Russell gets along fine with him and vice versa. So much bonding done today !

A BIG THANK YOU to Jordan and the staff at Association Of Rescued Paws. Out of all the shelters we approached Association Of Rescued Paws is at the top .